Technology Has Changed Our Lives

If you are a patient at Smile Sarasota, you already know that our office is very high-tech and has been for many years. We have the latest and greatest digital X-ray system as well as having a completely chartless office – all patient records are encrypted and computerized. We just celebrated scanning the final paper chart last week! YAY!

It really amazing how quickly technology has changed our lives. Consider that back in the 1960’s, most of the first electronic desktop calculators cost over $1,000 compared to about $5 at the corner drugstore. In fact, back then, a new calculator could cost more than a new car! “What do you think honey, a new car or a new calculator?” Today this seems truly absurd. And perhaps not so many years ago some of you remember sitting with your mother helping her balance her checkbook by hand.  You entered all the checks and subtracted to get the balance. Then you quickly did it by hand but then grabbed a calculator to check your math. Your mother probably approached it from the opposite end. She used a calculator but then did it again by hand because she did not trust the calculator. It’s interesting that:

  • Your parents’ generation used technology but did not really trust it.
  • Our generation trusts technology more than we do error prone humans.
  • Our children’s generation says, “What’s a checkbook?”

Now, in our office, we can say “What’s a paper chart”?! And yes, you CAN trust the technology at Smile Sarasota!