Reasons You’ve Avoided the Dentist

  1. Pain – No question about it, pain is a very real reason some people avoid the dentist! However, at Smile Sarasota, we have two of the best hygienists around! Both are described as very gentle comfortable and not to mention fun! People at our office who have had major treatment have said they didn’t even know Dr. Still gave them an injection!
  2. Long Wait – Let’s face it, no one likes to be kept waiting. Our office consistently runs on time.
  3. Staff – Are you tired of going to the dentist and getting a different dentist or hygienist EVERY time you go? Not as Smile Sarasota. You will get Dr. Still every time. Do you prefer to see Ann? Or Claire? We can arrange that. You are free to choose your hygienist. And you will see the same one every time.
  4. Insurance – Have you ever been told a dental office takes your insurance only to find out in the end they don’t? Though we are a fee for service office, we will do a complimentary benefits check for you prior to you even coming in. No surprises here! We will submit your claim to your insurance company and do all of the follow-up work to endure you receive your reimbursement as soon as possible. You do not have to do ANY of the legwork!
  5. Money – No we are not the cheapest dentist in town. We are not the cheapest dentist in town because we do not perform cheap dentistry. Dr. Still believes prevention is the key! Don’t wait until something hurts to come in. At that point, treatment options become more involved and costly.

If you have reasons for avoiding the dentist, we understand! Don’t avoid us! Call Smile Sarasota now for a consultation with Dr. Still and he will ease your mind.