Hurry Up and Wait? Not at Smile Sarasota!

Everyone wants to be seen on time; it is simply human nature to not want to be kept waiting.  At Smile Sarasota it is always our goal to be prompt so that any waiting is minimized. Sometimes, however, our best intentions don’t go as planned  It is not unusual to have multiple patients call every day with severe toothaches, broken teeth, or swollen tissue, as well as assorted other dental problems. But even so, we rarely keep you waiting here at Smile Sarasota. We strive to adhere as much as possible being a “Wait-Free Practice”.

Waiting too long in is often perceived as a violation of our right to manage and control our time. We live in one of the most individualistic cultures in the world, which means we want what we want — and we want it now. And it is getting much worse as our expectations of immediate gratification are growing. The fact is, people hate waiting. Whether at the post office or in a dentist’s office, the longer the wait, the lower the chance that a customer—or in this case, our patient—will leave satisfied.

Every one of us feels a high level of anxiety when we are made to wait.  In grocery stores, we jockey back and forth to the line we think is moving the fastest and easily get frustrated when we choose the “slow” line.  When driving, we will swerve across multiple lanes of traffic to avoid a line at a toll booth or to position ourselves in the lane that we think will get us to our destination the fastest.  Even in elevators, we hate waiting so much that we push the “door close” button so often that those buttons typically have a different shine than all other buttons on the elevator panel because of the disparate use of that one button. Smile Sarasota understands.

We value you and we respect your time. The single most stressful event we encounter daily is keeping a patient waiting.  Smile Sarasota really strives to keep waiting to a minimum, so if you have been kept waiting more than ten minutes in the past, please accept our sincerest apologies.  It will always be our goal to treat all of our patients as we would want to be treated.