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Dental Health at Every Age

Smile Sarasota treats dental patients in Sarasota of most any age- we have patients who range in age from about 10 to over 100. While most of our demographic is young adult to seniors, it’s important to have good dental care right from the beginning. Here are some eye-opening facts and tips about dental health at every age:

Babies and Toddlers

  • 62% of children will have cavities by age 5
  • 40% of children have tooth decay by kindergarten

This age group should see a Pedodontist (children’s dentist) by age 2 and have checkups every 6 months

Children and Teenagers

  • 78% of Americans have had at least one cavity by age 17
  • 16% of children ages  6-19 have untreated cavities
  • 27% of children and adolescents have at least one dental sealant

Children and teenagers should see a dentist regularly and receive supplemental fluoride to strengthen teeth and have dental sealants. applied to deep groves to help prevent decay. Cutting soda from once a day to once a week eventually can cut 35 lbs of sugar per year!


  • 25% of adults say their smile is the one facial feature they would change  to boost their self-esteem
  • 78% of adults perceive people with yellow teeth or crooked teeth  to be unsuccessful

Ask us about tooth whitening, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry – you will be surprised at the difference this can make!


  • Nearly 33% of seniors have not been to the dentist for 5 years or more and have untreated tooth decay and gum disease which can lead to severe health conditions.
  • The average age of most people diagnosed with mouth cancers is 62.

Regardless of your age, schedule regular visits with Dr. still and be sure to brush and floss every day! For more information about proper dental health, visit SmileSarasota.com today!