Esthetic Fix

Case Presentation

Patient Info: Female, late 70’s, non-smoker, and no history of dental disease.

Chief Complaint: The patient would like all their upper veneers to match.

Expectation of Dental Treatment: Patient would like to replace their old veneers with a new set.

Clinical Examination: The patient’s cosmetic desires were discussed. The patient stated she did not like her upper front veneers anymore. She stated she was unhappy with the various colors of the restorations as previously she had the veneers placed at different times. The patient has some gum recession which she was unhappy with as well.

Pre-op Pics:

Impressions of both upper and lower arches were taken to create a wax up. The wax up is a dental diagnostic procedure in which planned restorations are developed in wax, on a stone cast, to determine the optimal clinical and laboratory procedures necessary to achieve the desired esthetics and functions.

Treatment Plan with Options: The wax up was presented to the patient. The patient was happy with the esthetics of the veneers. Tooth shade options were discussed with the patient. As the patient was unsure of the exact shade she wanted, she took home the shade colors options to think what color she wanted her final restorations to be. The patient opted for a light but natural shade for all her upper veneers.

Post -op Pics:

The patient’s old veneers and crowns were removed and replaced with all new, contoured, and matching restorations to fit her smile. The patient is very happy that her restored teeth are now all the same shade and was very pleased with the outcome.