Worth a Thousand Words

intraoral photos sarasotaThere is a lot of information needed for Dr. Still to perform a proper diagnosis. Depending on the reason for your visit to our office, we might make use of one of our favorite diagnostic tools: a digital intra-oral camera. Between a visual exam, x-rays, and sometimes study models for more involved cases, we use the intra-oral camera to diagnose many oral conditions. This technology allows us to see your mouth magnified 50 times, so anything wrong with your teeth or your mouth will be obvious,and can be viewed on a large, flat panel monitor. Simply put, the intra-oral camera allows us to see what an x-ray might not reflect such as micro cracks so small, even magnifying glasses could miss.

Whether it is swollen gums, a crown off, or a lost filling, we now can record all these photos as part of our assessment in just a few clicks and show in more detail the exact condition of your mouth. The intra-oral camera is an incredible tool which allows the doctor and the patient to visualize the condition hiding behind the dental terms. After all a picture is worth a thousand words!