What should you do if you break a tooth?

Chipping or breaking a tooth can be uncomfortable and worrisome. You should react quickly to avoid further damage to the tooth or any discomfort. After chipping or breaking a tooth, contacting us should be the first step. If the incident happens on the weekend or during the night, Dr. Still’s phone number is on our voicemail.

The following tips will help you reduce your discomfort and prepare you for this dental emergency:

  • Salt water rinses: If you are unable to go out and get an antiseptic like eugenol, swishing salt water in the mouth can help to dull the pain. Doing this several times a day creates similar effects to an antiseptic but not quite as potent.
  • Eat soft foods: The chipped tooth can be sensitive and subjecting it to hard food will be more uncomfortable. To avoid more discomfort eat soft or liquid foods and chew in areas of the mouth that are unaffected.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: In addition to avoiding hard foods, staying away from extremely cold or hot foods is equally important. Chipped teeth are particularly sensitive to temperature. Room temperature and soft food are gentler on sensitive teeth.

Fixing the tooth:

  • Filling: Dr. Still can use a composite restoration to repair small breakages or chips. Fillings are available in tooth-colored porcelain and materials, making them seemingly invisible even if the chip is located in the front teeth. This type of repair is quick, easy and doesn’t typically require any numbing. Though not necessarily permanent, fillings are a good way to quickly repair a small fracture.
  • Crown: Dr. Still might recommend a larger restoration for more extensive chipping and breakage. A crown is a tooth-shaped topper placed over the broken tooth after the breakage has been reshaped and smoothed. We fabricate both laboratory crowns and the same-day CEREC crowns. Dr. Still will make the determination as to what is best for your situation.

Any type of chip or fracture to your teeth is considered a dental emergency. You should contact us as soon as you can! We are here Monday-Thursday for same-day emergency pain relief, and broken or lost crowns. We can help!