Trick or Treat Your Teeth!

Every Fall, kids of ALL ages anxiously wait for Halloween. A big question asked by concerned patients is how to reduce the “sugary” effects of eating all that Halloween candy…and for that matter, any sweets.

Sweets and candies are great treats when taken in moderation; however, in excess they aren’t good for your oral health or your overall health. Sugar consumption without proper dental hygiene can lead to tooth decay and cavities, especially in older adults. Here are some tips for Halloween and by following these tips, you can help prevent tooth decay.

  • Be selective. Not all Halloween treats are bad. Dr. Still recommends that you eat candies that melt fast and can be eaten quickly. It’s always a good idea to avoid gooey and sticky sweets like caramels that can linger and stick to teeth for long time.
  • Brushing. Be sure that you brush your teeth soon after eating any sugary candies. Brushing will lessen the amount of time the sugar stays in contact with the teeth and will help prevent tooth decay.
  • Remove the excess candies. It is always a good idea to not leave Halloween candies around the house after the Halloween is over to limit consumption.
  • Limit consumption. Limit the number of candies you and consume in a day. A better idea is to hold back candies and eat one or two pieces as after meal treat. Then immediately brush your teeth to neutralize the sugar.
  • Chew gum!  Xylitol, a fluoride like substance in sugarless Trident White gum may help remineralize any initial acidic breakdown of enamel.
  • Eat a balanced meal. Be sure that you eat well balanced meal prior to candy consumption and maybe you won’t fill up on sweets.
  • Routine dental exam. Be sure to visit Smile Sarasota every three to six months to prevent dental problems and catch any problems as early as possible.

If you don’t maintain your teeth properly, you may be opening yourself up to tooth decay, gum disease, and possibly tooth loss over time. Properly caring for your teeth, visiting your dentist regularly, and following the tips above can help you and your family keep healthy smiles and enjoy the Halloween festivities. Candy is not necessarily the enemy; the enemy is not maintaining diligent dental hygiene protocols. So ‘Treat” your teeth! Visit Dr. Still and our team at Smile Sarasota regularly for your dental check up and teeth cleaning!