Making a Difference by Supporting our Community

Local charities that Smile Sarasota supportsStudies have repeatedly shown that doing good deeds for others is good for the soul. In fact, everyone can benefit from doing something to improve another person’s way of life. Donating to worthy causes can benefit the givers as much as the receivers! Smile Sarasota does this in two ways – we support a number of local charities, and we award monthly gift certificates to small, local businesses.

Our Charities:

  • Humane Society of Sarasota County
  • Vintage Paws
  • Southeastern Guide Dogs
  • Senior Friendship Center
  • Save our Seabirds
  • Day of Hope (Free dental exams for under-privileged children)
  • Project Christmas Smile (Free dental treatment for needy adults and children)

We have found that the greatest benefit of our business supporting the local charities is the feeling we get from giving back to others. You have the power as a community to make a difference. We’re nothing without our community, therefore, we believe that it is extremely important for us to do everything we can to support those in need, both human and four-legged fur babies!

Our Support of Local, Small Businesses

  • Café in the Park
  • Social Eatery
  • Uniquity Jewelry

Smile Sarasota believes that the local businesses where we live, work and play, should be supported. At this time, our patients can enter into a monthly drawing in our office and win a $50 Gift Certificate to our ‘Local Business of the Month’. Local businesses give a community its flavor, and are so very worthy and appreciative of our support.

The best part about the supporting local businesses and charities – it feels good! We should all leave this world a better place.