Balancing Act


Life itself is a balancing act. Over-committed. Distracted. Stressed out. Stretched too thin. This is how many of us describe ourselves today. And not just during the Holidays! We aren’t born able to balance. We learn to sit up, to crawl, to walk. We learn to run, to ride a bike, perhaps to skate or ski. Part of the process is wobbling, falling over, picking ourselves up, and starting again.

We’re constantly negotiating between different pressures and demands – work, family, friends, volunteering. And we’re also seeking balance within ourselves: a balance between short-term gratification (that giant slab of chocolate cake) and long-term rewards (our health). It is too easy in all of our busy lives to try to finish the endless to-do list, to rush onto the next chore and forget to take a deep breath or enjoy our accomplishments.   The reality is in that in order to achieve some balance in your life you must work at it. Job success and fulfillment in your family and interpersonal relationships take some effort. Step with care and great tact, and remember… Life is a Great Balancing Act.

The guy in the video below has one kind of balance figured out!