Are You Brushing Correctly

Are You Brushing Correctly?

Brushing your teeth everyday is the simplest way to keep your mouth feeling clean, not to mention your whole body too! Brushing your teeth is something that comes natural to you; however, you might be surprised at some common misconceptions on how to properly brush. Some patients may have been taught incorrectly at a younger age or could have developed incorrect habits over the years. Whatever the case may be, making sure how to properly brush your teeth is incredibly important.

Here are some proper steps to keep in mind when brushing

  • Using the correct toothbrush:
    Soft-bristled toothbrushes are always going to be the safest choice. Vigorously brushing your teeth too hard with a medium and hard bristled toothbrush could severely damage the gums, root surface and the protective enamel.
  • Making sure to brush twice daily:
    Brushing twice a day OR after every meal is incredibly essential for maintaining good oral health. If food sits on the tooth, it forms into plaque, and if left long enough over time, tarter will form which is very difficult to remove without the help of a hygienist.
  • Replacing old toothbrushes through the year:
    Regularly used toothbrushes don’t stay great for long. Generally, a toothbrush will need to be thrown out a couple months after using. Keep an eye on your brush for torn or frayed bristles. That’s your sign to get a new brush!
  • Choose the right toothpaste:
    Fluorinated toothpaste is the best option for your teeth. Fluoride removes plaque and helps to strengthen the tooth enamel. There are plenty of makes, models, and sizes on the market. Choose the best option to fit your lifestyle.
  • Applying the correct technique:
    When ready to brush, instead of brushing your teeth side to side, concentrate on making small round circles. Keep your brush at a 45-degree angle while brushing. Move the brush around without forgetting to also brush the gumline where plaque hides out. Remember to be gentle!
  • Time spent brushing:
    Brushing too fast is the most common mistake made in technique. When brushing, work your way around your mouth. We like to tell our patients to break your mouth up into four sections (upper right, upper left, lower right, and lower left) spending 30 seconds in each section. Two minutes total brushing time is recommended.
  • Don’t forget to floss:
    Flossing is just as important as brushing, so it is best to not leave it out of the process. Small pieces of food have the possibility of being left behind, and flossing is the only way to remove it.

The best place to start is here a Smile Sarasota! You will be scheduled with one of our licensed registered hygienists who can help guide you in the path to proper oral health. Call the office to schedule and appointment and get your teeth shining bright!