root canal stages

Will I need a crown after a root canal?

Nobody is excited to hear they need a root canal. Patients are usually terrified by the root canal process in and of itself, and generally aren’t excited by the prospect of having a crown done after. Although dental crowns are the final stage in many root canal procedures, many people question whether they are even necessary. At Smile Sarasota, we take pride in providing helpful advice on how to maintain good oral health and help you keep your smile healthy for life.

Prevention of reinfection of the tooth:

After a root canal procedure is completed, a perfect coronal seal is necessary for your tooth. This will prevent food from becoming packed in your teeth and will also stop the invasion of disease-causing bacteria which can possibly reinfect the tooth. A poor seal on the crown will provide a continuous pathway for bacteria to access the tooth.

Avoid Root Fracture:

Dental crowns after root canal treatment can prevent the newly treated tooth from possible fracture. Vertical root fracture is considered the most common fracture to happen when the tooth is left completely untreated with a crown, resulting in total loss of the tooth. A well-sealed crown on top of the exposed tooth will offer strength and stability to the tooth

Brittleness of the tooth:

During the root canal treatment, your endodontist will open the chambers of the tooth to access the pulp. At this time, the endodontist will remove the infected material called the pulp along with the blood supply to the tooth. The canals are then sealed off with a rubber-type material called gutta-percha and sealed at the top with a filling material. After treatment, the newly treated root canal tooth is considered more brittle and needs a dental crown to withstand the forces caused by daily chewing.

Extensive Loss of tooth structure:

Generally, when a tooth needs a root canal it is due to excessive amounts of decay that have eaten at the tooth and have accessed the pulp. The decay will eat away at the tooth structure, causing the remaining healthy structure that’s left to be very minimal. After treatment, the tooth is very compromised. The roots and the tooth are very vulnerable after new build-up material has been applied to the tooth. The new crown will offer support to the tooth by stabilizing the roots and offering security to the new build-up that is holding the tooth together.

Esthetics of the tooth:

Root canal treatment is done for infected teeth, but also for teeth that have gone through traumatic damage, resulting in a dark hue to the tooth. A tooth with a dead pulp is called necrosis. This means the tooth is no longer receiving blood supply. As the tooth is already drilled down and fragile after treatment, the color can change as well. Offering a new crown to the tooth will bring back the esthetic of the tooth, blending back in with the rest of the smile.

If you are undergoing root canal treatment, a dental crown will restore your smile back to functionality and form. Call us here at Smile Sarasota to schedule an appointment to know more about the benefits of dental crowns after root canal treatment.