The Truth About Second Opinions

sarasota dentist second opinionShould You Get a Second Opinion?

Getting a second opinion about a serious dental problem can be one of the most important decisions a person can make. In most cases, when a patient wants a second opinion, they have doubts about how best to treat their dental condition. In some situations, it is the dentist who requests a second opinion from a dental specialist in order to obtain additional information about a dental problem. Second opinions are important because they may confirm, refute or clarify the situation.

There are some instances when second opinions are not helpful. It is when the second opinion becomes a fourth, fifth, sixth opinion, or more. These are the patients that keep hearing the same thing from each dentist, but hope to hear something different. If they do finally hear what they want to hear from the seventh dentist, it may not be in their best interest. Patients should also understand that one does not have to consult another dentist just to have a cavity fixed.

So when should you get a second opinion? Choosing to have another dentist take a look to verify a certain diagnosis should only be done when major procedures are required. There are other scenarios which will reasonably warrant getting a second opinion. Being unsure with the necessity of the treatment as well as its cost is another ground for asking another professional. Always go with your instinct…If you think you should get a second opinion you probably should. If your dentist has recommended work that you are unsure of, getting a second opinion will educate you as well as help to assure, you are making the right choice when it comes to something as important as your health. The most valuable thing to remember is that you should always feel comfortable with your care, and treatment plan. A fresh outlook on your situation can only benefit you.

The differences in dentists can be attributed to their education, postgraduate work, diagnostic equipment and experiences, so seeking a second opinion can help a patient feel more confident they’re getting the treatment that’s best for them. “Dentistry is both an art and a science,” says Dr. Leslie Seldin, consumer advisor and spokesman for the American Dental Association.  “There are many acceptable ways to approach the same problem. There’s no book that says, ‘This is the way things should be done’”

Dr. Still will always recommend the ideal treatment for your particular situation and he will give you a detailed, written treatment plan. He is always happy to discuss any alternative treatments and to answer any questions you may have about his recommendations. So don’t hesitate to ask – his main concern is that you have a healthy mouth and a great smile!