Should You Floss?

flossing smile sarasotaSHOULD YOU FLOSS?? Smile Sarasota is very aware of the recent article published that discussed the recommendations regarding flossing, as well as the commentary in the Sarasota Herald Tribune. As with any topic, you need to make an informed decision and you may decide you don’t want to floss anymore.

But…at the very least, think about this: What about the food between your teeth? Those of us who have worked in a dental office for decades know that flossing DOES help get rid of food AND films of bacteria (biofilm) that gunk up the space between teeth, causing infections and, potentially, contributing to bigger health problems. Biofilms are live. If you look at it under a microscope, you have swimmers. ICK!! You have different types of bacteria that form, and the longer they stay, the more virulent they become. And that does not bode well for a person’s overall health. It may be that studies on flossing just haven’t followed subjects for long enough to notice long-term benefits.

Also not discussed is the fact that there are other ways to clean between your teeth, such as SoftPicks. Our advice: It’s insufficient evidence, not proof of ineffectiveness so…Keep Flossing, and…inform yourself! Below an article that may help put things in perspective:

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