Short Days Ahead!

sarasota daylight savings time endingWinter is just around the corner…even in Sarasota, Florida – the Sunshine State! Time to break out the sweaters, (maybe!) and set the clocks back for Daylight Saving Time ending on Sunday, November 5th. While the days get shorter, let’s prepare for the unwanted side effects to our health. Luckily, we found great ways to combat them:

Shorter days mean less sunlight and vitamin D. Vitamin D, or the “sunshine” vitamin, is essential for healthy, strong bones—and teeth. Since you get less sunshine in the winter and your body makes less vitamin D on its own, try taking a multi-vitamin containing vitamin D. Many dairy products and juices are also fortified with vitamin D.

Waking up when it’s still dark. When your alarm clock goes off and it feels like the middle of the night, there’s a good chance you’ll be groggier in the morning. An easy fix is switching on a bright light to simulate sunlight. Yoga, exercise, and a high-protein breakfast can also jump-start your energy.

Combat the winter blues. Many people may feel gloomy in the winter, possible because reduced sunlight disrupts daily body rhythms. Here are a few tricks to keep spirits high:

  • Catch rays. Take advantage of any sunny days in the forecast and in Sarasota, there are LOTS of sunny days!
  • Get exercise. Swimsuits may seem a lifetime away, but don’t skip your normal routine.
  • Eat healthy. Skip refined, processed foods (the usual suspects: sugar, rice, white bread), which cause mood swings and zap energy.
  • And and always…take care of your teeth…schedule that teeth cleaning and check up here at Smile Sarasota!

Eventually, your body will adjust, and maybe you’ll even love waking up to watch the sunrise!