Give Thanks to a Great Smile

Holidays are the time of the year to bring family and friends together to celebrate, but what we all secretly look forward to is all the delicious food piled high on the dining room table. Here’s some enjoyable Thanksgiving foods to be grateful for:


The good: The main course. Packed with protein!
The bad: It can sometimes get stuck in those small spaces between your teeth. No worries, floss can fix that!
For the mouth: It’s the dinner centerpiece. Gobble it up!

Cranberry Sauce

The good: The timeless classic
The bad: Sugar substances are typically added to the already tart dressing. Cranberry sauces can be sticky, acidic and possibly stain your teeth.
For the mouth: Those little berries can get stuck between your teeth, and with the possible high acidic and sugar content, make sure to brush after to avoid staining.


The good: Packed with Vitamin A and C, which is great for the gums!
The bad: Usually backed with marshmallows, sticky foods can cause damage as they are the toughest to get off your teeth.
For the mouth: Enjoy in moderation and drink plenty of water to wash away the leftovers.

Green Bean Casserole

The good: Found in the veggie group, always a healthy choice! Packed in these little pods are Vitamins A, C and B-6, Iron and Magnesium.
The bad: Watch out! All those delicious little beans can get stuck between your teeth.
For the mouth: Have a floss pick handy!

Macaroni and Cheese

The good: Say cheese! High in calcium, this helps strengthen the teeth.
The bad: White pastas are full of starch and can leave behind plaque on the teeth.
For the mouth: The “feel good food” for Thanksgiving, eat a sensible portion and break out the brush and floss later.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

The good: Potatoes are full of Vitamin C, B-6 and Potassium.
The bad: Potatoes are definitely starchy which have the cavity-causing bacteria.
For the mouth: When smothered in gravy, the health benefits of the overall dish are diminished to an extent, but hey! Its once a year. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Pie

The good: Saved the best for last! Pumpkin naturally has Vitamin A which helps to keep gums healthy and make the enamel strong.
The bad: Between the pie and the whipped toppings, the sugar content in high.
For the mouth: This once a year dessert is nothing to pass up on. Eating sweets after meals helps to keep the saliva flowing, which in turn helps wash away the leftovers trapped behind.

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving packed with friends, family, food and a great smile!