New Upgrade – CEREC Primescan

What is CEREC Prime Scan?

CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.” CEREC Primescan is the latest technology of the CEREC scanner, a small, hand-held camera that scans a patient’s mouth and produces optical impressions of the tooth.

How does CEREC Primescan work?

The Primescan is a new digital scanner that uses a camera to develop details and crisp 3D images of your mouth. CEREC Primescan is one of the most accurate interoral scanners in digital dentistry with technology that has a smart pixel sensor that processes scans 1.5 million 3D data points per second. The speed allows you to scan the full jaw (Upper, Lower, Buccal) in less that 60 seconds.

What is CEREC Primescan used for?

The Primescan catches accurate scans for crowns, bridges, prosthetics, splints, implant preparation and surgical guides and it connects to the CEREC software and the CEREC Primemail or 3D printer for in-house production. It also helps us provide accurate diagnoses and develop treatment plans for conditions like:

  • Cavities and decay (helping you avoid a root canal)
  • Small fractures and cracks in the teeth

How does CEREC Primescan benefit our patients?

With CEREC and Primescan dentistry, the patients at Smile Sarasota get a better overall dental experience. Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you make an appointment with our office.

  • Scans are quicker, easier, and less invasive.
  • There are no plastic trays to trigger a patient’s gag reflex.
  • The process is clean and simple with no messy and sticky goop around your mouth.
  • Only one appointment is needed instead of multiple appointments.
  • The crown or veneer is fitted on the same day, temporary dental crowns are not required, which lessens discomfort and the risk of bacteria leakage.

To see if CEREC Primescan technology os right for you, call Dr. Still at (941) 957-3311

Differences Between or New Primescan and our previous Omnicam

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